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  • Charles R. Ploof & Associates provides an objective consulting resource focused toward multi-location networking issues, with an emphasis on effective planning and implementation of a wide variety of telecom projects.  Having developed significant experience helping clients improve their cost and service performance in a networking environment, both from a voice and data perspective as well as with imaging technologies such as video conferencing, Charles R. Ploof & Associates is well positioned to provide clients with a full range of telecommunications planning, implementation, and operations support services. 

     Within the context of a traditional network planning or design project, significant emphasis is placed on quality of service.  Other critical issues, such as security and disaster recovery, are also addressed as required.  The selection and utilization of an appropriate mix of carrier services to meet each client’s unique operating requirements is always a key objective.  If needed, Charles R. Ploof & Associates can also assist with preparing bid specifications and ne­gotiations associated with procurement and implementation of the selected products and services.

    Examples of specialized consulting services that can be provided include:

    ¨      Network Evolution and Strategic Planning
    ¨      Voice/Data/Video Network Analysis and Design
    ¨      Preparation of Network/Project Specifications and RFPs
    ¨      Carrier Services and/or Equipment Procurement Support
           (Including Bid Management and Vendor Negotiations)
    ¨      Implementation Planning and Support
    ¨      Network and/or System Application Development
    ¨      Special Studies such as: 
                Performance Evaluation, Problem Analysis,
                Requirements Definition, Service Benchmarking, etc.

    From an overall planning perspective, the first step toward developing a comprehensive solution is often achieved by thorough examination of the client's business environment - the structure, objectives, strategies, operating environment, and industry trends.

    The result of this initial analysis is a clearly defined set of goals and deliverables needed to meet each client's objectives.  Examples of typical project objectives might include cost optimization of an existing network, solving specific telecom issues such as integration of a new technology, implementing an enhanced set of features and services, defining communications requirements, overall planning and implementation of a custom telecommunications network, adding nodes to an existing network, or migration to a converged networking environment.  Once the mission is clearly defined, the next step is development and evaluation of potential solutions.  Sophisticated computerized design tools and performance models are typically used to generate and analyze various networking alternatives.

    A recommended network solution that meets agreed upon objectives is then specified in detail, including considerations such as:

    ¨      Applications
    ¨      Features and Services
    ¨      Numbering Plans and Dialing
    ¨      Switching and Routing
    ¨      Transmission
    ¨      Building Cable and Wiring
    ¨      Network Synchronization
    ¨      Interfaces and Protocols
    ¨      Internet Access and Web Presence
    ¨      Gateways and Firewalls
    ¨      VoIP, QoS, and Related Convergence Requirements
    ¨      Network Management
    ¨      Financial and Service Objectives

    Comprehensive network implementation and operation support services are also available.  Depending on the client's requirements, Charles R. Ploof & Associates can also provide or arrange for:

    ¨      Cutover Support
    ¨      Vendor Coordination
    ¨      Performance Verification
    ¨      Post-Cutover Design Review
    ¨      Network Surveillance Planning
    ¨      Network Administration
    ¨      Billing Coordination and Audits
    ¨      Maintenance and Operations Support
    ¨      Network Testing and Evaluation
    ¨      Problem Analysis and Resolution

     Charles R. Ploof & Associates can provide network consulting services as an extension of the client's telecommunications department, or handle assignments on a "turn-key" basis.  Services can be provided either on a time and materials basis or for a fixed fee per project, and retainer arrangements are also available.  Charges are determined on a case-by-case basis depending on project scope and the needs of each client.  For additional information, or to discuss your requirements in detail, please contact Chuck Ploof at (248) 548-7676, or E-mail your request to crp@crploof.com.  The FAX number is (248) 548-7665.