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Situation Overview

The client did not have a corporate integrated services arrangement for their own communications requirement that, because of the AT&T Breakup Consent Decree, they were prohibited from providing for themselves.  This resulted in extremely high costs as various portions and divisions of the corporation all "did their own thing" regarding the procurement of InterLATA long distance communications services.  We were engaged to define their corporate service requirements and develop specifications and an RFP to obtain competitive bids to select a preferred long distance carrier with an appropriate custom rate agreement.

Project Scope

The project included defining all InterLATA communications requirements for operating companies and subsidiaries within the client's operations.  This included their multi-state operating companies, a directory company, corporate headquarters, and several other entities.  The objective was to define and quantify traffic and circuit requirements for the entire corporation and then develop an RFP that could be utilized to obtain bids from perspective InterLATA long distance vendors.

Expected Deliverables

RFP defining requirements and procurement support for selecting a preferred vendor.


We headed up a team of personnel representing the various entities within the corporations.  Each representative was tasked with various data collection activities to insure that the requirements of their organization were included.  We designed the data collections formats and tabulated the results that were used as a basis for the RFP.  Once this document was completed and approved, we provided support to the client's purchasing department on coordinating and managing the bid process.  This included bidders conferences, preparing responses to bidder questions, evaluating bid responses, and helping determine an appropriate vendor.


This effort provided the support needed for the award of a custom network service agreement resulted in savings in excess of $1M per month.


This project was executed many years ago when the client was still learning to be an "RBOC".  Although it was many years after the breakup of AT&T and the "Bell System", many of the various units within the corporation still considered telephone service as "free" since, after all, they were the "Phone Company".  Our efforts resulted in significant savings for all segments of the Corporation.