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SCTC Introduction 

 The Society of Communications Technology Consultants (SCTC) is a premier organization of ethically based, professional, independent telecommunications consultants.  Besides a comprehensive screening process, each member is required annually to sign an SCTC Code Of Ethics that distinguishes an SCTC consultant from others in the field.  Members are required to be independent and are restricted under the Code of Ethics from selling any product or service other than independent services.  The following provides more information about the SCTC and why Chuck Ploof, Principal Consultant of Charles R. Ploof & Associates, is an active member and adheres to the Society’s Code of Ethics.

SCTC Overview 

 The SCTC (originally the STC) was formed in 1976 by a dedicated group of consultants who recognized the need for a professional body of client advocates in telecommunications.  The Society membership includes a broad spectrum of voice and data communications professionals who objectively counsel business, organizational, industrial and government clients worldwide.  One of the primary advantages of any professional organization is to provide members the opportunity to network with other professionals who share the same challenges, confront similar technical issues and engage in similar business opportunities.  In 2013, the name of our organization was updated to Society of Communications Technology Consultant to better reflrct our role in the 21st Century.

 Through alliances formed at SCTC conferences and elsewhere, members augment their geographic coverage and practice expertise, negotiate effective joint ventures and subcontracting engagements, and are well positioned to bid on complex local, national, and international projects.  Members may also use the SCTC Intranet or Directory, to contact each other for quick answers to questions regarding out-of-state tariffs, technical applications, and practice management tips, all of which contributes towards providing the client with a superior level of expertise and services.

SCTC Vendor Advisory Council

 The SCTC has a Vendor Advisory Council (VAC) comprised of companies who provide emerging and ever-enhancing voice and data products and services. The VAC represents a very special and unique resource for SCTC members.  Each VAC member is committed to providing SCTC consultants with continued technological and educational expertise on all projects and services. This enhances the position of SCTC consultants and provides a competitive advantage.   

The SCTC Vendor Advisory Council (VAC) is an important arm of the Society.  As an independent group, made up of representatives of major suppliers of telecommunications services and equipment, the Council supports SCTC members with up-to-date information on their products and services.  They provide specially edited technical reports and manuals that give SCTC members valuable insight into product design, specifications, feature/benefit relationships and client applications.  Each Vendor Council member designates key representatives to assist SCTC members in obtaining pertinent information quickly, and to speed up solving client problems.

SCTC Code of Ethics 

 1.         Every member has the professional responsibility of fair dealing towards the member's clients, past and present, fellow members, and the general public.

 2.         Every member has the professional responsibility of adhering to generally accepted standards of accuracy, truth and good taste at all times.

 3.         No member shall represent conflicting or competing interests, nor shall be placed in a position where the member's interest is, or may be, in conflict with duty to the client.

 4.         Each member shall safeguard the confidences of both present and former clients, and shall not accept retainers which may involve the disclosure or use of these confidences to the disadvantage or prejudice of such clients. 

 5.         No member shall intentionally disseminate false or misleading information, and each member is obligated to use as much care as is humanly possible to avoid dissemination of false or misleading information.

 6.         No member shall intentionally injure the professional reputation or practice of another member.  However, if a member has evidence that another member has been guilty of unethical, illegal or unfair practices, including practices in violation of this Code, the member is obligated to present the information to the proper authorities of the Society for action in accordance with the procedure set forth in the by-laws.

 7.         In performing services for a client, no member shall accept fees, commissions, or any other valuable consideration in connection with those services from anyone other than the member's client.

 8.         Each member shall, prior to the commencement of the services to be performed, make the client fully aware of the fee structure, and all associated costs.

 9.         It is imperative that no member should be in conflict by retaining ownership in any company selling or leasing telecommunications products where such interest constitutes a conflict of interest.

 10.       A member shall, as soon as possible, sever the relationship with any organization when the member knows or should know that continued employment would require the member to conduct himself contrary to the good conduct principles of this Code.

 As a valued client, you can depend on Charles R. Ploof & Associates to provide consulting services in a manner consistent with both the ethical standards and level of professionalism that can be expected from a member of the Society of Communications Technology Consultants.